Its in everything we do...

Im Lori.
Im 26.
I like to spend my time either drinking tea and making silly things or drinking wine, chain smoking and talking bollocks, all the while daydreaming about The Monkees and thinking up ever increasingly stupid/far fetched ways to trick Mike Nesmith into falling hopelessly in love with me.........
Oh, and terrible dancing and making very bad jokes...

Enjoy my pointless rants and feel free to send stuff to my ask box, it makes me all smiley!
Today i am picture number 6…….
Who are you?!!

Today i am picture number 6…….

Who are you?!!

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    Just tell me to stop reblogging when you’re tired of me. I won’t listen, and then I’ll make crazy eyes at you, like #6.
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    2 and 9 are me on a daily basis.
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